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From the desk of:
Derek Gehl,
Serial Entrepreneur and Founder + CEO, Market Research Machine

Re: The #1 most important skill you need to succeed online

Have you ever been so fed up with your day job that you went home one day and Googled:

‘how to make money online’


‘how to start an online business’


Starting an online business will allow you to get away from trading time directly for money in order to earn a living

You can start the business in your spare time, which means you don’t have to ditch the stability of your 9 to 5 until you can afford to quit

Online businesses involve very little overhead and significantly less risk than most traditional brick-and-mortar businesses

Having an online business means you can set your own hours and work from anywhere without having to answer to anyone but yourself

If yes, then you know that starting an online business is the key to unlocking the lifestyle freedom that most people daydream about:

But here’s the thing…

As someone who’s been making money online since basically the dawn of the Internet (1997) and done over $100 million dollars in sales online…

…I can tell you right now there is still a HUGE disconnect between how people think making money online works, and how it REALLY works.

And when it comes to starting an online business, everywhere I go, people always ask me the same thing…

“Derek, what’s the easiest and fastest way to build a reliable, scalable income on the Internet?”

Now, depending on who you ask, the answer changes:

Some people say it’s blogging or social media

Some people say it’s affiliate marketing or email marketing

Some people say it’s writing sales copy or paid traffic

Want to know the truth?  

It’s NONE of those things!

Now, don’t get me wrong — all these things can play a role in your online success…

…but REAL online success starts with what I consider to be the #1 most important skill that every serial entrepreneur has in common, and that is:

Knowing how to identify...

Commercially-viable niche markets

Specific products you can SELL to that niche market!

I know this sounds simple, and maybe even obvious, but here’s the thing…

If you don’t know how to identify commercially-viable niche markets AND the specific products you can sell to that niche market, then you can have the BEST…



Sales Copy


….and still generate absolutely ZERO profits!

So What The Heck Is A ‘Commercially-Viable Niche Market’ And How Will Market Research Machine Pro Help You Find One?

Niche markets are just audiences of people who all share similar needs, wants, or problems…

…and commercial viability just means that these people are spending money!

Now, remember: people only buy products and services within a niche market for 2 very specific reasons:

Reason #1: To fulfill their unserved wants or needs

Reason #2: To solve their problems

Finding a lot of active buyers within a niche market represents an important business opportunity for YOU — the aspiring online business owner!

Because what this means is…

You can sell your own products to this market (or sell someone else’s products as an affiliate), on your own website, and build a REAL, sustainable, long-term business in the process!

The fact is that once you’ve identified a commercially-viable niche market, you’ve eliminated all the hope, prayer, and guesswork that most people rely on when they start their first online business.

And here’s the best part:

This is a lucrative opening in the marketplace that’s actually big enough to build an entire business on.

It’s the real thing — and it’s exactly what you need to jumpstart your success online.

But before you get TOO excited…

Some niche markets are commercially-viable because they have HUGE demand, but that demand also means that there are some BIG players competing in the space…

These are brands and businesses with enormous advertising budgets, and who can afford to spend a LOT more than you can to acquire a customer…

And when you’re just getting started, this is NOT where you want to be!

You don’t want to be a small fish in a BIG pond…

…you want to be a BIG fish in a small pond!

That’s why it’s so important to look at the complete picture when it comes to analyzing any niche market’s viability…

Finding Red-Hot Niche Markets Has Always Been Difficult And Time-Consuming… Until NOW!

Here’s the problem: Finding red-hot niche markets has always difficult AND time-consuming — but here’s what’s worse:

Most people have no idea how to do it properly. Let me explain why…

First: to analyze the viability of a niche market, you need access to the right DATA…

The right data includes things like:

Monthly search volumes across different search engines and platforms like Desktop vs. Mobile

Keyword competition and Difficulty scores

Competitor Analysis

And more

And up until now, to get access to that data (which you NEED to accurately evaluate any niche market), you were forced to turn to expensive tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs that easily cost $100/month and UP…

Now, not ONLY does this make doing niche research both costly and expensive…

…but it also doesn’t even give you the complete picture!

Only Have Access To Keyword Data From Google? You Could Be Missing Out On The Big Business Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For...

That’s the problem with all of these fancy and expensive tools:

They’re all SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-based tools, which means they focus strictly on search traffic!

While search engine traffic may have given you the complete picture of the activity within a given niche back in 2001…

…the fact is that today, in 2017 (and beyond), activity within a given niche takes place in MANY different locations across the Internet!

To fully evaluate the viability of a niche market, you need to answer important questions that go beyond just looking at search traffic, like:

Are there any large and​​​​ active Facebook Pages or Groups within the niche?

What are the most popular YouTube videos within the niche?

What are the best-selling products on Amazon within the niche?

What niche-related domain names are still available for purchase?

In other words, you need the COMPLETE picture!

But now that you know you need to answer ALL these questions in addition to looking at standard search traffic to evaluate the viability of a given niche…

…the amount of work you need to do to perform niche research has increased by 10X or more!

That’s why we decided to create a cutting-edge research tool that makes it possible for anyone to quickly identify commercially-viable niche markets at the click of a button…

A research tool that takes today’s digital landscape into account and collects all the information you need from sites like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, and Google to properly evaluate ANY niche market…

…all so you can identify the PERFECT niche market to start your online business in!


Market Research Machine Pro is a brand new, cutting-edge research tool that allows you to analyze things like:

Search Engine Traffic

Niche Drill Down & Niche Competitors

Top Facebook Pages & Groups

Most Popular YouTube Videos

Popular Tweets

Popular Reddits

Best Selling Amazon & eBay Products

Popular Podcasts & Apps

Available Niche Domains

…and for ANY niche market you can think of!

You can quickly determine whether a niche is commercially viable (or not) with just one click

Simply put:

There has NEVER been a niche market research tool like Market Research Machine Pro

And now YOU can use it in one of two ways:

You can choose from our curated list of over 7,254 niche market ideas (with new ones being added each and every week) to start your online business…

You can use Market Research Machine Pro to find a brand new, commercially-viable niche of your own that’s NOT on our list!

There’s virtually zero risk, no prohibitive cost, and best of all…

No more hope, prayer, or unsubstantiated “guesswork” when it comes to picking your niche!

Here’s How Market Research Machine Pro Works…

Option #1: Choose From One Of Our 7,254 Hand-Picked, Commercially-Viable Niche Markets

With Market Research Machine Pro, you have the ability to choose any one of our 7,254 hand-picked and commercially-viable niche markets.

This means that you can easily pick a commercially-viable niche market to start your online business in — even if you have NO idea what niche market you want to enter.

Let’s say, for example, you’re interested in researching niche markets related to  ‘Animal & Pets’.

You can click through into one of our pre-existing niche market categories related to Animals and Pets....

From there, you can see all the specific, commercially-viable niche markets we’ve identified.

All you have to do then is click on any one of them to see the Niche Market Viability Analysis for that particular niche market.

Option #2: One-Click Niche Market Viability Analysis For ANY Niche Market

If you’d prefer to see a Niche Market Viability Analysis for a niche market that’s not in the Market Research Machine Directory, all you have to do is hit the ‘ANALYZE’ tab just above the search bar.

As you can see, using Market Research Machine Pro has been designed to streamline and accelerate the process of finding and analyzing niche markets.

We’ve gone to great lengths and spared absolutely no expense to make this process as user-friendly as possible.

You’ll have no trouble identifying multiple commercially-viable niche markets in seconds!

Sign Up For Market Research Machine Pro Today And Analyze The Viability Of Up To 250 Different Niche Markets Every Month…

With a monthly subscription to Market Research Machine Pro, you can analyze the viability of up to 250 different niche markets every single month.

No matter what your interests or experience are, you’re virtually guaranteed to find a wide variety of potential niche markets for your online business.

This also gives you the option to compare the commercial viability of different niche markets to make sure you’re able to pick the right one for you.

And here’s the best part:

Your subscription to Market Research Machine Pro is just $9.95/month!

That’s $80 per month less than both Ahrefs AND SEMRush (the search-oriented SEO tools I mentioned earlier)…

…making your subscription to Market Research Machine Pro as close to a ‘no-brainer’ as it gets.

This is a foolproof investment in the long-term stability of your online business that will literally be paying YOU dividends for years and years to come…

Because picking a commercially-viable niche market is the #1 most important thing you can do to ensure the success of your online business.

And just to drive that point home, starting your online business in a commercially-viable niche market is MORE important than things like:

Having a great product or idea for a product

Having a big following on social media

Knowing the wants, needs, and problems of a particular market

The bottom line is this:

If you want to make money online you need to start with a solid foundation and that means finding a niche market that is…

Big enough to meet your income goals (there’s enough demand)

Willing to spend money (commercial viability is proven)

Doesn’t have too much competition (there’s room for more supply)

And with Market Research Machine Pro, you’ve got access to everything you need to make sure you pick the one that meets all 3 of these criteria!

So click the button below now to sign up for Market Research Machine Pro today so you can decide what niche market is right for you…

Now, you might be thinking that this all sounds a little too good to be true…

Am I right?

If yes, then let me explain why we’re only charging $9.95 for Market Research Machine Pro

Reason #1
It helps us recover our costs.

Your $9.95 covers:

Market Research Machine Pro is a brand new, cutting-edge research tool that allows you to analyze things like:


Cost of Data Acquisition



Market Research Machine Pro is a hosted tool, meaning there’s no software for you to install…

But that means we have to pay to keep it hosted.

And the data we provide you with costs us money to purchase, but because we purchase it in bulk, we’re able to negotiate much cheaper rates for our data…

…a discount which we then pass on to you.

Reason #2
Starting your online business is just the first step.

Our mission is simple:

To help AS MANY people launch their own online business as possible.

We want to give you the tools and information YOU need to come up with the right idea, find the right niche market, and launch your online business!

Because here’s what I know:

...then I know there’s a very good chance that we can work together again in the future.

So there it is — the “catch”, if you want to call it that…

I sincerely hope I can help you find the right idea to start your online business so that I can then help you turn that idea into reality.

That’s it.

And if you take a second to crunch the numbers, you can see for yourself why this is such a no-brainer…

Let’s take $9.95 (your subscription), and then divide it by 250 niches (# of niches you can analyze every month) which gives us…

$9.95 ÷ 250 = $0.0398

That’s right…with Market Research Machine Pro, you can analyze the viability of a niche market for less than $0.04 per niche!

There’s simply no other way you could get access to the data for anywhere even CLOSE to that incredibly low price…

So now that I’ve laid all my cards out on the table, it’s time for you to click the button below now and sign up for Market Research Machine Pro today…

best offer

Because I know just how much BS is out there when it comes to starting an online business, I want to completely eliminate the risk for you.

That’s why I’m offering you a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee with your subscription to Market Research Machine Pro.

If, at any time during the first 30 days after your initial subscription, you decide that Market Research Machine Pro isn’t for you, simply send us an email at [insert support email here] and we’ll promptly issue you a refund — no questions asked.

If I can help you find the right idea to start your online business…

Still On The Fence?
Consider This…

I hate clichées, but there’s an old Chinese Proverb I love when it comes to helping people start their first online business:

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Unknown

The exact same thing goes for YOUR business!

This isn’t some push-button ‘get rich quick’ scheme I’m talking about here…

…but I think you know that.

But just to be clear, I am NOT promising:

You’ll get rich overnight

Starting your own online business takes zero work

Because here’s the cold, hard truth for you:

Starting an online business DOES take real work.

But that’s precisely why it’s so, so important to get started right now

The faster you’re able to find a commercially-viable niche market to start your online business in, the sooner you’ll start to enjoy:

More lifestyle freedom

More financial freedom

More control over your life

The ability work from anywhere and set your own hours

And if you can follow just a few simple instructions, we’ll make sure you walk away with a commercially-viable niche market that is perfect to start your online business in…

Now not only have I experienced first-hand what it feels like to build a real, legitimate business online and all the freedom that comes with it…

…but I’ve also personally watched thousands of people transform their lives by starting an online business too…

That’s why I’m urging you to fight off procrastination and take ACTION now!

You can complete this critical first step of identifying a commercially-viable niche market to enter, and jump straight to mapping out the launch of your online business…

And the fact is the longer you wait, the less likely it is that you’ll ever get around to starting your online business.

So take this small but all-important first step today and sign up for Market Research Machine Pro by clicking the button below now…

This could be the single-most important decision you make in the entire lifetime of your online business.

And after spending the last 20 years making money online and doing over $100 million dollars in sales online…

…I can tell you that signing up for a subscription to Market Research Machine Pro is an investment in your business that’s sure to deliver an incredible return.

It might even change your life forever.

To your continued success,

Derek Gehl
Serial Entrepreneur
Founder + CEO, Market Research Machine

P.S. Remember…

If you’re in this for the long haul, and you’re interested in starting an online business that can actually stick around for years to come…

…then the importance of finding a commercially-viable niche market before you start your business cannot be overstated.

That’s why you need Market Research Machine Pro

And don’t forget: you can try it for 30 days absolutely-risk free.

So make the decision right now to prevent procrastination from winning yet another battle, and take immediate action…

Click the button above and sign up for a monthly subscription to Market Research Machine Pro now!